Gas Safety Certificate Edinburgh

A gas safety certificate is documentation that displays proof that you have received a gas safety check on all the gas appliances in a property. It will have a description of what has been tested, what the results were, and any safety issues that you may need to work on. Not only is it good for your own safety, but it can be crucial in selling or renting a house as well.
Landlords have a legal requirement of providing their tenants with a safe property, and a gas safety certificate is one way they can do this. It is only required if the property has gas appliances, and it needs to be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer every year.
At SD Plumbing & Heating, we have engineers with over 10 years of experience and we cover the entire Edinburgh area to ensure you have a valid gas safety certificate. We are available 365 days a year, so if you are a landlord or new homeowner and want to guarantee the safety of your property, you can give us a call.

What is involved in getting a gas safety certificate?

Luckily for you, it isn’t difficult to get a gas safety certificate and your only job is getting in touch with a gas safe registered engineer. At SD Plumbing & Heating, all of our engineers are gas safe registered and can provide you with an efficient evaluation so you can feel safe on your property or provide your tenants with a suitable living situation.
All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will arrange a good time for one of our engineers to visit your property. Our engineer will show you their ID card so you know they are qualified and ready to do the right work. We will do a visual check on every gas appliance on your property and any accessible pipework. We will also ensure there are no gas leaks and that everything is in a good condition.
Once all the checks have been made, we will provide you with your gas safety certificate. It will provide you with a large amount of information, such as what checks we have performed and if we discovered any safety defects. There will be advice on next steps to take or we will provide you with a confirmation that all appliances are in good health.

How often do you need a gas safety certificate?

Your gas appliances need to be checked on your property at least every year. It is also advised to do a new one when you have a new tenant moving into the property or if you have become a brand new homeowner.
You will have to book for a gas safety engineer to evaluate your appliances between the 10th and 12th month after you last had your property check. It should not be later if you have tenants living in the property as it is a legal requirement for you to provide them with a gas safety certificate

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How to tell if you need it?

Your central heating system will sometimes display a series of obvious signs that you need to give it a power flush:

Noise pollution

Are either your boiler or radiators making a lot of noise when you turn them on? This is a strong sign that your central heating system could be blocked and you need a power flush to remove the debris.

Cold spots

When a radiator heats up, it should be warm all over. However, a central heating system that needs a power flush may cause your radiators to develop cold spots. These are particularly at the bottom of the radiator.

Radiator leaks

Radiators have one job - to heat up your home. If they are doing anything else, such as leaking onto your floors, then something isn’t right and they may require a power flush. Look out for wet patches underneath your radiators.

Long heat up time

When it is cold, the last thing you want is for your heating to take ages to heat up your home. However, if this is happening it could be your central heating system telling you that it requires some maintenance and a power flush.

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The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. With this power flushing technology, productivity is gained, helping you obtain perfectly cleaned surfaces faster more economically and with better final results. All these advantages translate into substantial savings. Would you like to take advantage of this by power flushing the central heating system and other equipment in your property? SD Plumbing and Heating are just a call away for services in and around Edinburgh.