Power Flushing In Edinburgh

The technical and economic advantages achieved from power flushing, also known as high-pressure washing, in a variety of industrial and residential areas are multiple and of great importance. Mainly applied in the maintenance and cleaning of heating systems, power flushing can be used to remove sludge and debris that have built up over time. Here we present a summary of those we consider the most important advantages and the few disadvantages of opting for power flushing.

power flushing edinburghBenefits Of Power Flushing Edinburgh


  1. Speed: It’s amazing how quickly it washes any surface when compared to other traditional types of washing.
  1. Efficiency: Due to the great impact of the water against dirt, this technology-based system of washing cleans deeply, while leaving the original surface being washed intact. The surface is usually left free of dirt and grime, making the work much more productive and of certified quality.
  1. Ease of Use: The fact of being able to control by means of a gun and throwing the water jet at high pressure makes a complex and tedious work become a simple task of cleaning that can be done by anyone. This elevates the performance without the natural fatigue caused by washing with a brush.
  1. Time: Thanks to the use of these powerful tools, cleaning times are reduced to the barest minimum, leaving time available to perform other tasks of the job.
  1. Water Saving: With these machines, the water is used to work the surfaces in a way that is friendly with the environment. The saving is due to the low consumption, speed, and efficiency of the work. In fact, it does not increase pollution because there is no waste of water. The work, when done manually may take one hour but with our pressure washers at SD Plumbing and Heating, it can be done in just a couple of minutes with far less water.
  1. Costs: Because these machines only use water to remove dirt, and the little time it takes to do it, the use of this machine or services dramatically reduce production costs.
  1. Occupational Safety: These machines come equipped with safety devices that provide confidence to their operators when cleaning work, thus avoiding work accidents of personnel and equipment.


  1. May inflict injuries: Unlike the garden hose, power washers may cause serious injuries when the gun/nozzle and the water force are not handled properly.
  1. Not for all surfaces: Power washers are not suitable for some surfaces. For example, it can cause the deterioration of some old wood surfaces or a paint job. You should, however, research on surfaces that can withstand power washing before opting for it.
  1. May Involve chemicals: Unlike steam washing, power flushing may involve the use of chemicals such as detergents and other products which are not ecologically-safe. It can leave affected grasses, flowers and shrubs in your yard dead.

  The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. With this technology, productivity is gained, helping you obtain perfectly cleaned surfaces faster more economically and with better final results. All these advantages translate into substantial savings. Would you like to take advantage of this by power flushing the central heating system and other equipment in your property? SD Plumbing and Heating are just a call away for services in and around Edinburgh.

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