Glasgow Bathroom Fitters

Here at SD plumbing and heating, we are experienced in our industry and have a high reputation in the Glasgow area. From our boiler installation and repairs to our kitchen fitting, we have a wide range of services that have 5-star reviews from our 100 plus customers in the area. With our experienced team, we offer a professional service with excellent customer service, successful completion and a perfect finish.

Why you should choose SD Plumbing and Heating


Here are some of the main reasons why you should connect with us for bathroom fitting:


Experienced team

Our team are experienced at delivering high-quality work in quick turnaround times. We ensure the work completed is of the highest quality and fulfils the criteria of the customer. We talk to the customer and ensure we know exactly what is required from the job.  With top expertise, we are happy to suggest ideas from our wealth of experience. You can see our past jobs on our website and you can rest assured our team is trained to the highest level possible.

Great reputation

We have over 120 five-star reviews from our past customers who are happy with our service. Offering top customer service, any problems during the job, our team is happy to help and can make changes as necessary. This is reflected in our top reputation in the area.

Competitive prices

We understand that we are living in expensive times with the cost of living crisis. Therefore, we ensure we offer the most affordable prices possible for the job at hand. We will ensure the cost is the most reasonable possible and we offer payment plans.

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Over 120 5 Star Reviews

Our customers happiness is the most important goal of ours. We know that if we provide a good and friendly service, our customers will be happy. 


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Free Bathroom Design Service


Our team in Glasgow are now offering to deliver bathroom fitting services to our new and loyal customers. Whether you need to update your old bathroom or looking for a brand-new bathroom, we can help those homeowners in Glasgow who want to bathe in style. From helping you to select the best bathroom items for your own bathing quarters to picking out all the necessary accessories, our experienced team can help you make wise decisions for the longevity and stylish appearance of your new bathroom.


A well-designed bathroom is important for the overall appeal of your home. It can add value to your property and will increase the appearance of your property. Keeping the bathroom in good form is also important so you don’t run into problems down the line. Making repairs to your equipment is important so that your family can continue to use the bathing quarters for a long time. Whether you want to upgrade the cloakroom, family bathroom or ensuite, SD plumbing and heating are here to fulfil your specifications. Our experienced teams will install the bathroom fittings and will ensure the bathroom is a luxurious and professional finish. We work with all budgets and ensure that the design works for your bathroom.


Our Glasgow bathroom fitting services 

Here at SD plumbing and heating, we can help you whether you have a complete design for the bathroom, just a rough idea and some type of designs they like or are at the beginning of their bathroom renovation. Also, our experienced team can help if you need repairs to your bathroom. We offer the following bathroom fitting services:


Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is a brilliant way to refresh your bathroom. Perhaps you need some bathroom furniture to store all the essentials for use when in the bathroom. A great piece of furniture is ideal for towels and toiletries. It will give you that extra storage space you need in the bathing quarters. It also can flatter the bathroom and ensure you utilise the space effectively. Here at SD plumbing and heating, we can help find you the best furniture for your bathroom and then install it for you to use in the bathroom.

Full Glasgow Bathroom Installation

When you want to install new bathroom equipment, our team are here to help you through the journey to a new, luxurious bathroom. We can help to choose new pieces of equipment and offer new and exciting ideas such as baths, showers, toilets, sinks and pedestals basins. With so many unique forms of equipment available, we can help you choose the right ones for your bathroom. If you have ideas of what you want for the bathroom, you can share these with us at the start of the job. We can also include items such as extract fans and bathroom cabinets in the installation of the new bathroom. Working to your budget at all times, we will ensure the bathroom is as affordable as necessary. When you have chosen the equipment you would like in your bathroom, we will ensure it’s installed professionally and at a convenient time frame for you.

Bathroom equipment repairs

When something goes wrong in your bathroom with a piece of equipment, our team at SD plumbing and heating is here to help. Whether the toilet stops working or the bath is leaking, we can come to your home in the Glasgow area and fix your piece of equipment. Our experienced team will check over the problem and then inform you of the issue and then we can work out a repair or whether the item needs to be replaced altogether. We will work with you to find the most affordable option for you in either circumstance.



Lighting is very important in a bathroom and there is a variety of lights available that will be the perfect addition to your bathing quarters. Whether you would like a traditional bathroom ceiling light installed or looking for down lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, we can work with you to ensure you can create the perfect setting in your bathroom. We will install the lighting, ensuring it is fitted correctly and most importantly, safely. 

Bathroom mirrors 

We can also install a number of different mirrors on the property. Mirrors are a popular feature of a bathroom and need to be installed properly. We can help you to find the best design for your bathroom which is ideal to help you get ready for bed and get ready first thing in the morning. We can install it in your bathroom and ensure it is safely in position in the bathing quarters.