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We are fully Gas Safe, so you can rest assured you’ll only be getting the best certified work on your boiler. We’re local to Edinburgh and we care about our reputation.

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We’re based in Edinburgh! By working with us you’d be supporting a locally based company. We’re fully accredited boiler repair engineers.

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Here at SD Plumbing & Heating, we have a great wealth of knowledge and experience boiler installs and fixing boilers. Our team of plumbing and heating engineers have worked with a wide range of boilers and can work on any brand with our expert knowledge. Offering only the best solutions, we work with our customers to ensure they are back in running in no time. Our service is efficient and of the highest quality. Customers are always pleased with our service and our 5-star reviews from our customers in the Edinburgh area showcase our work. From boiler installation to service, we offer a wide range of services that meet customers’ needs.


Whatever the issue with your boiler, we work to ensure you have a timely and affordable solution so your household can get back to normal quickly. With our high reputation in Edinburgh, customers get in touch for safe and effective repairs. And when we conduct repairs, we offer 12 month guarantee on parts and labour. So if anything stops working, the team will rectify the issue quickly.

Emergency Boiler Repairs In Edinburgh

When you least expect it, the worst can occur and your boiler stops working. Unexpected problems can occur at any time and you are left without heating or hot water in your household. When this occurs, it can leave a lot of households struggling in their home to work out what is wrong. With SD Plumbing & Heating, we can come out and diagnose what is wrong with your boiler to ensure hot water and heating is back as soon as possible. Whether you have a faulty boiler controller, a component has gone wrong or you have a leaky pipe, we can fix the repair quickly and safely for the sake of your family.


Our experienced team are efficient at diagnosing the problem and will be able to get the parts quickly. They can also work with you to find a budget-friendly way to fix the problem. And if the worst occurs and you need the boiler replaced, we can work out what is best for your home and even install it. We have full gas certificates and records that will help you to feel rest assured we will do the very best job possible.


With 24/7 service, if the boiler goes wrong and is an emergency, we can come out to you whatever the time of the day or night. Our customers safety is our top priority and a member of our team will be with you as soon as possible. We also cover all local areas to Edinburgh.


Why Is It Important To Repair A Boiler As Soon As There Is A Fault


As soon as you spot a problem with your boiler, it’s so important that you get in touch with our team so these don’t occur:


  • The fault will get worse and the whole boiler will end up needing replacing which will cost a lot more than the original repair
  • The problem could be hazardous to your family. Any leaks that are not solved quickly could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.
  • If there is a fault, the boiler might not be running as efficiently which will cost you more  on your bills
  • If there is a fault, your boiler might not be running to boiler regulations and will not be legal and safe on your property.

Common Questions For Boiler Repair:

It’s important to ring as soon as you spot any issues with your boiler. Whether the hot water has stopped working, you have noticed a link or the control panel has started not to work properly, it’s important to get in touch with a specialist who can examine the issue.

We will work out a quote based on parts needed and labour and will ensure we tell you the cost before carrying out the work. We offer breakdown cover packages if the problem does occur again.

It can potentially turn dangerous, especially if there are any leaks from the boiler. It’s always important to call the specialist engineer.

You should try to turn the boiler on and off again. You can also check to see if there is debris is blocking the jet or you can always bleed the radiators. Calling SD Plumbing & Heating is your next route of call.

It could be the case your radiators need bleeding, but it could be that you have a faulty boiler pump or your controls for the central heating have stopped working and you need to get in touch with our team.

It could be a problem with air in your system or the heating pipework so it still is technically a boiler issue that needs to be addressed.