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We’re Worcester accredited, which means we’re in partnership with them. We can offer you up to 12 years guarantee. So keep peace of mind.

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Over 120 5 Star Reviews

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Worcester Lifestyle 8000 30kw

  • 6 Year Guarantee (When Fitted With Filter)
  • Our Premium Boiler
  • Flow Rate: 10.7/min
  • ErP A Rated (94% Efficiency)
  • 0% Finance Available

Installed From £2289 - Including VAT


Ideal Logic+ 30

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Good Housekeeping Awarded (2017)
  • Flow Rate: 12.4 l/min
  • ErP A Rated (94% Efficiency)
  • 0% Finance Available

Installed From £2063 - Including VAT

Why Choose SD Plumbing & Heating?

1.  We are Affordable

At SD Plumbing, we understand that budgets are lean, and we believe families shouldn’t have to pay expensive fees for boiler installation. This is why we have our prices placed at rates that are entirely favourable to your household. We deliver even the toughest of jobs at prices that rival any other competitor in the city.


2.  We are Industry Veterans

What you deserve is an experienced hand behind your boiler installation and that is exactly what we offer. With decades of hands-on experience collectively under our belt, our experts are at home with all types of boiler models. We know how to get the best materials and possess the right tools and workers to give you the best service possible.


3.  We Live Right Next to You

All experts on our team are fully-certified in Edinburgh to carry out any form of repair, maintenance, or installation of boilers and other plumbing and heating equipment. We are certified experts at what we do and we are also just around the corner. Our team has the fastest response time in the city.


4.  Our Methods Save You Time and Money

We understand the need to be fast, efficient and yet affordable with our installations and replacement procedure. This understanding motivates our service. Our priority is to leave you more than satisfied and thus, our methods are centred towards achieving this goal. We get the job done in record time without compromising on quality service, and yet, we keep our rates pocket and budget-friendly.


How We Meet Your Needs in 5 Simple Steps:


  1. You reach out to us via phone or email as regards an installation or repair.
  2. We immediately respond to you and ask you a few simple questions to understand how best to serve you.
  3. Thanks to the vast experience of our workers, we then make expert recommendations that would suit your home and budget
  4. You get to pick the most convenient date and time for your installation (same-day service works fine for us)
  5. Our experts show up ASAP to deliver on the job, no matter how complex it might seem.

Benefits of a New Boiler Installation in Edinburgh

There are many benefits of having SD Plumbing and Heating install a new boiler for your home, including:


Increased Costs Savings

Using a boiler can reduce your energy bills considerably and still give you quality comfort in your home. Also, replacing a boiler will mean you don’t have to spend on regular repairs or changing parts. You are more assured of its quality which typically varies by the model, brand, or installer. Sometimes, we find that accumulated costs of repairs on a boiler are far more expensive than replacing it outrightly.


Better Reliability and Safety

Modern boilers require far less maintenance than older ones and still deliver on keeping your family safe, warm, and secure. Changing your old boiler with a new one ensures it doesn’t just stop working abruptly when you need it most. Newer boilers are also far safer as they do not have the different risks of old boilers like fire hazards, respiratory issues, and carbon monoxide poisoning.


Energy Efficiency

An overused boiler typically emits a lot of unused energy as it tries to heat water and keep the temperature in your home regulated. Newer boilers supply just the right amount of energy at the desired location and work optimally. Its design ensures there is less energy wastage and, over time, you will see the effects on your energy bills.

Why Should You Service Your Boiler?

Still not sure you need to service your boiler? Check out reasons below why it is necessary:


Legal Requirement

Firstly, the law requires you to keep your boilers maintained to ensure safety, especially if you’re a landlord or business owner. Depending on where you operate, it may be mandated for you to get an annual gas safety certificate that shows your boiler is in good condition to continue operations.


Extend The Use Life of Your Boiler

Servicing your boiler yearly can help prolong the life span of your boiler and keep it in good condition longer. Maintenance also flags any issues that you may need to resolve before it becomes too late or develops into bigger problems later.



Malfunctions in a boiler can be very dangerous to the health as you could get exposed to carbon monoxide at high levels. Many of the things that cause these issues aren’t easily seen by the eyes, such as blockage of your boiler’s ventilation. Regular servicing can get you ahead of these issues and protect you before it becomes severe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. We always try to disrupt your operations as little as possible during all our installations. We can arrange temporary heating arrangements for you if the installation takes more than one day. However, for most types of gas boiler installations, the hot water will be off for a minimum of one day or the installation period.

No, we wouldn’t suggest you install a boiler yourself as you are not qualified to do so and it is illegal. Installing a new boiler takes skill and experience which only engineers have. The only duty a non-registered person is allowed to do is wet work which involves installing radiators and water pipes for the central heating system. 

Also, it is important to use Gas Safe registered engineers like ours and NICEIC registered electricians as they’re the only ones authorised to handle boiler installations & boiler replacement.

A new Edinburgh boiler installation can take up to a day and the system conversion upgrade can take up to 2 – 3 days. Our engineers will walk you through the process which could include removing the old boiler, flushing, upgrading the pipework, fitting the boiler and accessories, and, commissioning the system.

Only Gas Safe registered engineers are allowed to do any work on a boiler and the final connection of the pipework to the boiler. Any unauthorised person trying to install or repair a boiler is punishable by law depending on where you live.