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SD Plumbing & Heating are your local Edinburgh experts who understand the need of power flushing to boost your heating system. With 10 years of experience in the area, we are always there in case of emergency and when you need some extra assistance in heating up your home.

Many people don’t understand the need for power flushing, and we’re here to provide you with a second-to-none service that you can opt for any time and any day. Our reliable plumbers will come out to you anywhere in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas so you can have the heating you deserve.

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Power Flushing In Edinburgh

Power flushing is the process of cleaning out your central heating to optimise the efficiency of the system. We will remove all build up of debris, rust, and other bits of sludge so you can have a warm home all year round.

There are many benefits of getting a power flush. First of all, you’ll receive better quality heating and hot water. You won’t have to wait as long for the system to heat up and you can be warm in a matter of minutes.

Similarly, you’ll have enhanced energy efficiency which can lead to lower energy bills. You don’t want to pay more when you have lower quality heating, so a power flush can become essential towards lowering your monthly outgoings.

The system will also run more quietly, so you can have a heated home and live in peace. Your central heating will last longer and you won’t have to worry about as many emergency call outs because the system has broken down.

Do You Need it?

How To Tell If You Need Power Flushing?

  • 01

    Noise pollution

    Are either your boiler or radiators making a lot of noise when you turn them on? This is a strong sign that your central heating system could be blocked and you need a power flush to remove the debris.

  • 02

    Cold spots

    When a radiator heats up, it should be warm all over. However, a central heating system that needs a power flush may cause your radiators to develop cold spots. These are particularly at the bottom of the radiator.

  • 03

    Radiator leaks

    Radiators have one job – to heat up your home. If they are doing anything else, such as leaking onto your floors, then something isn’t right and they may require a power flush. Look out for wet patches underneath your radiators.

  • 04

    Long heat up time

    When it is cold, the last thing you want is for your heating to take ages to heat up your home. However, if this is happening it could be your central heating system telling you that it requires some maintenance and a power flush.


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Lynsey Paton



Shaun was very quick to come and quote for a new boiler installation and responded to text and email efficiently. Any questions I had were answered instantly and he was reassuring. The price quoted was excellent and compared to others for the same/better service. The job was done at the agreed time and at the agreed length of time and issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Shaun and his team are polite and helpful and I will use them again.

Neil Masson



SD Plumbing are very professional and efficient at dealing with all plumbing issues at my rented HMO Flat, Central Edinburgh. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Thank you Shaun for a brilliant service.

Zainab Chand



I decided to have my old bathroom converted into a shower room a couple of years ago so asked Shaun to give me a quote. I have used Shauns services in the past for minor plumbing repairs as well fitting a new gas boiler so, because he had done such excellent work for me I was happy to contact him again. The quote for the work was very reasonable so I accepted it. Shaun went above and beyond to help me decide what kind of sink unit, toilet, shower, wall panels, flooring, new ceiling with down lights etc. I was absolutely delighted with the finished result and still am. Shauns work was exceptionally good and was done in record time. All clean up work was carried out to perfection. I highly recommend Shaun.

Joanna Scouler



SD plumbing and heating were brilliant, they sent an engineer round very quickly to inspect my boiler and then gave me a very fair quote for a replacement. Shaun and the guys were great at communicating when things would be done and had it all sorted within a couple of days and left everything in perfect condition. Thank you!

Keith, EH33



Great communication between myself and the tenants. Regularly updated on the progress of parts being ordered, expected arrival and arrangements with getting access to the property. Boiler fixed and agreed to delay the bathroom work until such times the property can be vacated for a couple of days.

How Often Should You Power Flush?

How often you opt for a power flushing service will depend on a few factors such as the brand of your central heating system and how long you’ve had it. If you are unsure on the specific timeframe, you can get in touch with one of our experts and we will advise you.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that most people get a power flush every five to six years, but sometimes you can wait for up to ten years, especially if it is a new central heating system. Sometimes, your system will speak to you and let you know it needs a power flush through a series of signs.


You've got questions? We've got answers!

  • Power Flushing
Power flushing is a technique used to clean boilers and heating systems. This service can often solve issues like blockages in your home’s heating system and removes any debris that has built up over time.
Power flushing should usually be done once every 5 years. A gas-safe certified engineer will be able to advise on whether or not your heating system requires a power flush.
The purpose of a power flush is to cleanse pipes of any debris that may be causing pipe blockages. A combination of water and other cleaning agents is injected into the heating system at a high velocity but low pressure to prevent any damage.
If your boiler or heating system requires a power flush, you will need to set aside a full day for the service to take place. Overall the process takes around 8 hours to complete. Ensure you only employ a gas-safe registered engineer to perform the power flush.