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Boiler Service Gas Safe Certificate

With every boiler service we do, you’ll get a gas safety certificate. These are required by law if you’re a landlord, or you’re selling your home.

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We’re based in Edinburgh! By working with us you’d be supporting a locally based company and also benefit from high quality boiler service and repair services. Fully accredited boiler repair engineers.

What Do You Get With A Boiler Service

When you arrange a Boiler Service & repairs with SD Plumbing, here is what you can expect from our service:


  • Firstly, we will do a visual inspection of the boiler in your property. This will flag up any initial defects that can be seen visually. This first inspection will also allow us to ensure your boiler meets safety regulations.
  • It’s then time to turn on your boiler. We can then conduct a test of your boiler to ensure it starts properly.
  • The next important of a boiler service is to check the components of the boiler. From the fan to the injectors, we cover all components to ensure they are working effectively.
  • Pipework is also very important. So for the next part of the service, we will check the connections and pipework of the boiler.
  • We will then take readings using our gas analyser to ensure the boiler is working properly. We will also make sure it’s running to the specifications laid out by the manufacturer.
  • For the next part of the service, we will check the gas rate to ensure the right amount of gas is burning.
  • It’s also very important to check the working pressure which is equated via the boiler and gas meter
  • We will also clean out the system filter if your boiler has one and the condensate trap.


Once we have completed this service, we can give you a certificate which is often known as a CP6 serving certificate which you can put with all the important documents for your boiler.

Signs Your Boiler Needs A Service

Here are some of the top signs that you need to get in touch as your boiler is ready for a service:

  • If your boiler is significantly noisier than usual or the fan has started to make a loud noise, this is a sign something might be amiss with your boiler.
  • Additionally, if the pump starts making a loud noise, this is a sign that something is wrong with your boiler.
  • If you find that the boiler is at a hotter temperature than normal and is overheating, you need to have a service.
  • We also need to come for a service if you are constantly refilling the boiler.
  • Another problem that requires a service is if you need to reset the boiler regularly.
  • If you notice stains on or around the boiler, this is a sign that something isn’t right.
  • On older boilers in particular, if you find the pilot light keeps switching off, this is also a sign that you need a service.
  • A yellow flame is also a warning sign that something isn’t working properly.

A lot of people opt to have a boiler service yearly to ensure everything is working effectively.

Benefits Of Keeping Up To Date With Your Servicing

Here are some of the top reasons why you should keep up to date with servicing:


  • A boiler service can identify any potential issues that could stop them from escalating into big problems that will require a more significant, costly fix.
  • Protecting the safety of your household, boiler services can help to spot any potential, hazardous leaks. These could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the boiler isn’t properly maintained.
  • A boiler service can lead your boiler to run more efficiently which can save you money in the long run.
  • Tasks completed during a boiler service can also mean less carbon emissions when your boiler is running after the service.
  • A boiler service is important if you want to sell in the future. Ensuring you have an official certificate will help you prove to potential buyers that your boiler is in good order.
  • A boiler service will ensure your boiler meets all the required regulations as well as the Gas Safe regulations so that it is safe and legal on your property.
  • Regularly servicing your boiler can delay the necessity of needing to replace and fit a new boiler if it’s kept in a good condition.


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