Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing
and Heating in Edinburgh

The needs for commercial plumbing and heating in Edinburgh are diverse and crucial for the smooth operation of businesses and institutions.

These needs include installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems, heating systems, and associated equipment in various commercial establishments such as offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more.


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Ensuring your Commercial Plumbing and Heating is in Working Order


SD Plumbing and Heating is a reputable company in Edinburgh that excels in meeting these commercial plumbing and heating needs. With our expertise and experience, we offer a range of services tailored to the requirements of commercial clients.

For installations, we can efficiently install plumbing systems, including pipes, fixtures, and drainage systems, ensuring compliance with regulations. We are also proficient in installing heating systems such as boilers, radiators, and HVAC units, providing efficient and reliable heating solutions for commercial buildings.

In terms of repairs and maintenance, we promptly address plumbing and heating issues, minimising business disruptions. Our skilled technicians diagnose problems accurately and offer effective repair solutions, ensuring the efficient functioning of plumbing and heating systems.

Moreover, we understand the urgency of emergencies and provides round-the-clock emergency services. Our quick response helps mitigate damages and ensures the continuous operation of commercial establishments.


What Clients Say about us

We are trusted by hundred’s of satisfied customers

Lynsey Paton



Shaun was very quick to come and quote for a new boiler installation and responded to text and email efficiently. Any questions I had were answered instantly and he was reassuring. The price quoted was excellent and compared to others for the same/better service. The job was done at the agreed time and at the agreed length of time and issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Shaun and his team are polite and helpful and I will use them again.

Neil Masson



SD Plumbing are very professional and efficient at dealing with all plumbing issues at my rented HMO Flat, Central Edinburgh. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Thank you Shaun for a brilliant service.

Zainab Chand



I decided to have my old bathroom converted into a shower room a couple of years ago so asked Shaun to give me a quote. I have used Shauns services in the past for minor plumbing repairs as well fitting a new gas boiler so, because he had done such excellent work for me I was happy to contact him again. The quote for the work was very reasonable so I accepted it. Shaun went above and beyond to help me decide what kind of sink unit, toilet, shower, wall panels, flooring, new ceiling with down lights etc. I was absolutely delighted with the finished result and still am. Shauns work was exceptionally good and was done in record time. All clean up work was carried out to perfection. I highly recommend Shaun.

Joanna Scouler



SD plumbing and heating were brilliant, they sent an engineer round very quickly to inspect my boiler and then gave me a very fair quote for a replacement. Shaun and the guys were great at communicating when things would be done and had it all sorted within a couple of days and left everything in perfect condition. Thank you!

Keith, EH33



Great communication between myself and the tenants. Regularly updated on the progress of parts being ordered, expected arrival and arrangements with getting access to the property. Boiler fixed and agreed to delay the bathroom work until such times the property can be vacated for a couple of days.

Our benefits

Why Choose SD Plumbing & Heating For Your Commercial Plumbing & Heating in Edinburgh?

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    Quality of service

    We stand out for our high-quality service, delivered by a skilled team. With meticulous attention to detail, reliable products, and positive customer feedback, we consistently exceed expectations in commercial plumbing and heating projects.

  • 02

    Experience and expertise

    We have a team of skilled professionals with extensive expertise and experience in commercial plumbing and heating systems.

    We are knowledgeable about the unique requirements and complexities of commercial settings, ensuring that we can deliver high-quality services.

  • 03

    Reliable and efficient

    SD Plumbing and Heating understands the importance of timely service in commercial settings.

    We strive to provide prompt and efficient services, minimising business downtime and disruptions.

    Our reliable service ensures that plumbing and heating systems are up and running smoothly.

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    SD Plumbing and Heating strives to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

    We offer transparent pricing, ensuring clients receive fair and competitive rates for plumbing and heating projects.

    Moreover, our expertise in efficient installations, repairs, and maintenance helps optimise the performance of systems, saving clients money in the long run through improved energy efficiency and reduced need for frequent repairs.

  • 05

    Peace of mind

    Engaging with SD Plumbing and Heating for commercial plumbing and heating in Edinburgh, provides peace of mind.

    Our team of skilled professionals is experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring that all work is carried out to the highest standards.

    Clients can rely on our expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail, knowing that their plumbing and heating systems are in capable hands.

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    Customised solutions

    SD Plumbing and Heating understands that every client’s plumbing and heating needs are unique.

    We offer customised solutions tailored to specific requirements, taking into account factors such as the size of the property, usage patterns, and budget considerations.

    By providing personalised recommendations and services, We ensure that clients receive the most suitable solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our commercial plumbing and heating services in Edinburgh

SD Plumbing and Heating provides a comprehensive range of services for commercial plumbing and heating in Edinburgh to cater to the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our services include:


Boiler installation

We provide professional boiler installation services, ensuring the efficient and safe installation of boilers in homes, businesses, and other properties. We help clients choose the right boiler for their needs and handle the entire installation process.


Bathroom fitters

SD Plumbing and Heating has a team of experienced bathroom fitters who can transform your bathroom into a functional and visually appealing space. From plumbing fixtures to tiling and installations, we take care of every aspect of bathroom remodelling or renovation.


Boiler repairs

If your boiler is experiencing issues or breakdowns, SD Plumbing and Heating offers reliable boiler repair services. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix a wide range of boiler problems, ensuring the optimal functioning of your heating system.


Boiler servicing

Regular boiler servicing is essential to maintain its efficiency, safety, and longevity. SD Plumbing and Heating provides thorough boiler servicing to identify any potential issues, clean components, and ensure optimal performance. This service helps prevent breakdowns and prolongs the life of your boiler.


Power flushing

Over time, heating systems can accumulate sludge, debris, and corrosion, reducing efficiency and performance. We offer power flushing services to clean and flush out the system, removing any buildup and improving the overall efficiency of your heating system.



You've got questions? We've got answers!

  • Boiler Installation
Not necessarily. We always try to disrupt your operations as little as possible during all our installations. We can arrange temporary heating arrangements for you if the installation takes more than one day. However, for most types of gas boiler installations in Edinburgh, the hot water will be off for a minimum of one day or the installation period.
Only a gas safe registered engineer can legally install your boiler. This ensures the installation meets all the legal requirements for your home and ensures the model remains in line with the model’s warranty criteria.
Most boilers come with a 12-year warranty, provided that they are correctly serviced regularly. If you take care of your boiler, some models can last up to 15 years.
A gas-safe engineer will be able to advise on whether boiler issues warrant replacing or simply need some repair work done. Most problems can be fixed relatively easily however, older models may need replacing in certain circumstances.

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When it comes to comprehensive commercial plumbing and heating services in Edinburgh, SD Plumbing and Heating is the trusted choice. With our expertise, dedication to quality, and a wide range of specialised services, we are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of businesses and institutions.

Whether you require installations, repairs, maintenance, or emergency services, SD Plumbing and Heating has you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to discuss your commercial plumbing and heating needs.

Contact SD Plumbing and Heating and experience the difference of our professional and reliable services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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