Boiler Installation Glasgow

Whether your old boiler has stopped working or you want to replace the current boiler with a newer model, the team are experienced at installing a whole range of boilers that will work efficiently. As a company, we have a high reputation with over 120 reviews that are 5 stars and will help reassure you that you are working with a reputable business.

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Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote, we’re also able to offer flexible payment terms. So get your boiler installed and pay later across Glasgow & surrounding areas. 

Up To 12 Year Boiler Guarantee

We’re Worcester boilers accredited, which means we’re in partnership with them. We can offer all our clients in Glasgow & wider areas of Scotland up to 12 years guarantee. So you have that peace of mind.

Locally Based Boiler Installers In Scotland

We’re based in Glasgow! By working with us you’d be supporting a locally based company and also benefit from high quality new boiler installation and also fully accredited boiler repair engineers.

Over 120 5 Star Boiler Reviews

Our customers happiness is the most important goal of ours. We know that if we provide a good and friendly service, our customers across Glasgow & Scotland will be happy. 


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Worcester Lifestyle Boilers 8000 30kw

  • Up to 12 Year Guarantee (When Fitted With Filter)
  • Our Premium Boiler
  • Flow Rate: 10.7/min
  • ErP A Rated (94% Efficiency)
  • 0% Finance Available

Installed From £2289 - Including VAT


Ideal Logic+ 30 Boiler

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Good Housekeeping Awarded (2017)
  • Flow Rate: 12.4 l/min
  • ErP A Rated (94% Efficiency)
  • 0% Finance Available

Installed From £2063 - Including VAT

Why Choose SD Plumbing & Heating Boilers Installers?

When it’s time to install a new boiler in the Glasgow area, it is hard to decide who and how to install the boiler. But here at SD Plumbing and Heating, we will help you through the process to ensure you have a high-quality, affordable and long-lasting boiler that is effective in your household.


If you are located in the Glasgow area, we can come out to you and quickly provide a boiler installation at affordable rates. We also offer options such as boiler servicing and repair when things go wrong with your boiler.


With affordable rates, we can install a combi boiler that works better than your old boiler, is a lot more energy-efficient and reduces your energy bills. With a 12-year guarantee, you can feel rest assured that if anything does go wrong, we will come out to you and have it fixed quickly.


Why Choose SD Glasgow Boiler Installers?


At SD Plumbing and Heating, we are the go-to place for boiler installations in the Glasgow area. Here are some of the top reasons why you should go with us as a company when it’s time to fit gas boilers.



Our team are experienced at fitting all brands of boiler and will work with you to decide which one works for your household. We know exactly how to install the boiler in your home and have worked in all sorts of environments. With the experience behind us, we can answer any queries you have along the way and know the benefits and negatives of any boiler. Our Gas Safe registered engineers also use the highest quality tools to ensure your boiler and know what is needed to install the boiler on your property.



Boilers are expensive and a lot of people try to delay installing a boiler due to the costs. But we have affordable rates that will ensure you can install a new combi boiler without breaking the bank. We also offer payment plans so you can spread the cost. With the cost of living crisis, we know that we have to charge competitive rates.



Whether you are located in the centre of the city or on the outskirts, we can get to you quickly to discuss the boiler installation glasgow. Situated in Glasgow, we can help you out if you require any assistance with your boiler.



We have a great reputation in the area as heating engineers with a lot of five-star reviews from customers who have been pleased with the service they received from the initial query to the boiler installation completion.



When fitting central heating systems, our team of heating engineers ensure we complete the job as quickly as possible while keeping the boiler installation at the highest quality level possible. Our team understand you want your home back to normal as possible so we ensure we work as smoothly and as quick as possible to complete the boiler installation.


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What to expect from a new boiler?

When you opt for a new boiler from SD Plumbing and Heating, you will find you gain the following from your new boiler installation:


Cheaper energy bills

When your old boiler isn’t running properly, you will find that you receive higher energy bills. Therefore, when you go for a new boiler installation, you will have a high-quality, new boiler that will run efficiently. You will have more control over the boiler and can reduce the costs to your homes. It’s also a lot more energy-efficient as it will only use energy in the required area at the set time. As well as having cheaper bills, you will save money from repairs. After all, if you keep running into issues with your old boiler and need to pay out to change parts as well as the repair costs, it can soon add up higher than the cost of a new boiler.


A safer boiler system

When you go for a new central heating system, you can feel rest assured that you are keeping your family safe at home. These newer boilers are crafted with the highest specifications and will keep your property warm yet safe. Old boilers are at higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards. Therefore, replacing your gas boiler will ensure you are keeping your property and family safer.


A reliable system

There is nothing worse than when your boiler keeps breaking down. After all, you need hot water and heating in your home. Therefore, when our gas engineers fit a new boiler system in your home, you are guaranteed a reliable system that will work like clockwork. And if anything goes wrong, our experienced team will come out quickly to make the boiler repair.

Frequently Asked Boiler Questions

When you go for a boiler installation in your home, it can take a day to do the installation of the new boiler by our gas engineers. However, if you are having a system conversion, this can take several days. It involves removing the old boiler, flushing the system, updating the pipework and fitting the new boiler.

When you book a boiler installation, you can rest assured that the installation will only be conducted by our experienced engineers who are Gas Safe registered. They are the only ones who can do the installation by law and if anyone else does a boiler installation who is not Gas Safe registered, they could get in trouble.

Installing a new boiler can increase the value of your home. You will find that viewers will find this a key feature and will find the home appealing if there is a new boiler. If you have an old boiler, you could run into trouble when it comes to surveys.

Yes as well as boiler replacement, we offer servicing and repairs for all types of boiler systems. We also offer up to 12 years guarantee if anything goes wrong with your combi boiler.