As we head into the winter months, our minds turn to our heating. With the weather becoming cooler, it’s time to fire up the boiler and warm up the house. But as we enter a cost-of-living crisis, everyone is looking at ways to cut down the cost of their heating bills. They want to reduce their energy usage to save money and also reduce their carbon footprint. One way you can do this is by looking to upgrade to smart heating controls. But as they are quite expensive, are they worth buying for your home? Here is our guide to whether smart heating controls are worth the money.

What are smart heating controls?

Before we discuss the benefits of these controls, the first thing we need to tell you is exactly what they are. Smart heating controls are central heating controls that are installed with your boiler. While you have some control over the traditional thermostats that are connected to your boiler, the heating controls let you take full control of your heating via the internet. You can use the smart system through your phone and tablet, ensuring the heating is on exactly when it’s necessary. Various companies make these smart heating controls with the most well-known being Nest and Hive. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can have one with a wide reach so that you can adjust it even when you are at work or in the shops. The price does vary depending on the model, and where you want them installed. You also need to take into account the installation charge which differs depending on the area. They can vary between £100 and £200 for the system. 

Smart Heating

What are the benefits to consumers?

Taking into account the cost to install the smart heating controls at a time when money is tight, is it worth the cost? These types of systems have lots of benefits for consumers. They can be highly beneficial to those who are out of the home a lot, enjoy using tech and want to take full control of their heating system. Here are some of the benefits of these systems for consumers.

They let you manage your heating while on the go

One of the best ways you can save money on your heating is by getting in control of when you use it. A smart heating control lets you do this as you can control it from your phone or tablet. You can set a particular time frame for the heating and schedule it so that it comes on at that same time every day. If you wish to put it on just before you leave work, you can do this so no more returning to a cold home. 

With the ability to control all this remotely, this type of system is highly convenient and stops you from having to put the heating on all day. Whether you want to control it easily at home or when you are away, this smart heating control is a godsend. If you have forgotten to turn it off before you have left for the day, this is also useful as you can quickly turn it off from wherever you may be, ultimately saving you money and energy.

You can tweak the temperature as necessary

As well as being able to schedule when the heating will turn on, a smart system is beneficial as you can set a specific temperature too. Therefore, if you want it at a reduced temperature first thing and then a warmer temperature later on in the day, you can alter the heating to your requirements. That way, you are not using more energy than necessary via your system. Also if you know it’s going to be a colder evening, you can ensure your home is warmer than it is currently by changing this via your app. The temperatures can be set for the hour or even for the day. After all, you might want it warmer and cosier at weekends when you are at home more. 

The system can learn what’s right for you

Another benefit of smart heating controls is that they learn patterns and routines. With the highest quality systems, they can learn what works best for you and will automatically turn off the heating. It also takes into account the temperature outside and will alter the heating depending on this. Some of the best smart heating controls even have movement monitoring so will turn on the heating depending on which room you are in. Therefore, these are an investment if you want the controls to run the heating effectively.