Whether in your home or office, the boiler plays a vital role in providing a comfortable temperature and delivering hot water. Yet, regular use takes its toll on the boiler’s components, and when left unserviced, it can stop performing as it should.

A professional heating engineer needs to complete regular servicing to the boiler for it to operate efficiently and safely. There are many great reasons to get a boiler service and we look at them all here. But before we get to the advantages, let’s look at exactly what a boiler service is.

What is a Boiler Service?

When you have a boiler serviced, an engineer inspects the appliance to see if it meets all the safety standards and requirements. Next, they check for corrosion and leaks. As part of these checks, they remove the cover to inspect the internal parts to see if they are operating correctly.

They also contain the gas and flues pressure, and the engineer fires up the boiler for a final check. If issues are found during the inspection, the engineer will try their best to fix it right there or give you advice on the way forward. Furthermore, an annual service is a legal requirement for landlords.

Boiler Service Benefits

Having an annual gas boiler service done will benefit your family, colleagues, and your wallet. But there are other reasons as well. Here we look at the seven most important reasons to service your boiler.

1. Keep the Energy Expenses at a Minimum

Having regular boiler maintenance helps to keep your energy bills low. This is because the soot builds up on the internal parts affecting the performance with everyday use. Regular servicing prevents the soot from accumulating, enabling the boiler to operate well while reducing fuel consumption.

With improved efficiency, it allows you to keep your energy costs low as the boiler doesn’t need to work as hard. It also has less impact on the environment, leaving a lower carbon footprint. Given energy prices, it’s wise to take any measures that can decrease your usage.

2. Prevent Unwanted and Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance on a boiler improves the reliability of the heating system. In turn, it minimises future repairs. An annual inspection helps fix issues, and it is less likely to break in the future. We recommend servicing a boiler every year as regular checks can help discover issues and fix them.

Issues left unresolved turn into significant problems costing you more to have them repaired. You may end up with a costly boiler replacement when, if found early, the problem could have been a minor one.

3. Helps Extend the Boiler Lifespan

To prolong the boiler use, an annual boiler service helps a lot. A professional inspection keeps the boiler efficient and functional. It also helps identify issues you can resolve immediately. When a boiler is well maintained, it will have a longer lifespan. In addition, your boiler will run smoothly during cold winters.

When a boiler reaches the average 15-year lifespan, it might not operate efficiently as a brand new one. If your boiler has reached its lifespan, investing in a more recent model might be needed. These appliances have modern features to improve efficiency and make them more economical.

With a professional heating engineer, they can provide you with the insight you need to decide if your old boiler needs replacement with a newer model.

4. Avoid Nasty Surprises

We highly recommend having a boiler service done before winter arrives. You do not want to switch on your heating system to find it is faulty or broken. Preparing your office or home for winter will keep the boiler in tip-top condition to keep you warm in the cold. Also, it helps reduce overall costs of fuel usage and keeps you safe.

If your boiler fails in the middle of winter, then it can be a huge issue. You will need to book in and pay for a boiler repair or replacement which may take days to complete. All the while, you’ll be in a freezing home with a problem that could have been solved months before.

5. Keep Your Colleagues and Family Safe

One of the most significant advantages of an annual boiler service is making sure your office or home is a safe haven. A faulty boiler can lead to potential hazards like gas leaks, resulting in fires. The likeliness of carbon monoxide release is also higher in a defective boiler.

It becomes dangerous, as the gas is clear and odourless. Spotting the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can save a life, and detecting it earlier than later is very important. In addition, you can catch potential faults with annual boiler services to keep your office building or home protected from CO poisoning.

6. Do Not Void the Boiler Warranty

When you do not have your boiler serviced yearly, it can invalidate the warranty. Doing this can stop you from receiving the warranty benefits. You may end up paying for repairs out of your pocket. Many boiler manufacturers state that you need to book a service with a registered engineer to maintain the boiler every year.

7. Fulfill Your Legal Requirements as a Landlord

An annual boiler service is a legal requirement for business owners or landlords. The law states that you need to present your tenant every 12 months with a gas safety certificate. A registered engineer provides it after completing a boiler inspection or repair. As a tenant, it is your landlord’s responsibility to check the building’s boiler annually to see if it operates effectively and safely.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, your domestic or commercial boiler is a vital feature to maintain. Ensuring that it works properly with a regular boiler service gives you with peace of mind that you won’t be left in the cold. While a boiler does not last forever, annual boiler maintenance can help extend its life.

So, instead of ignoring the warning signs, it’s always best to get your boiler serviced. A high-quality working boiler can save expensive repairs, keep you safe, and save money on your gas utility bills.