A boiler is an excellent device for your home. It ensures you have hot water for your showers and keeps you warm during the winter months. However, there may come a time where you encounter some boiler problems.

No matter how well you maintain your boiler, you are bound to encounter a boiler problem at least once during its lifespan. Don’t worry too much when that happens, as there is often an easy fix.

Below are the ten most common boiler problems and how to fix them. 

Making loud noises

Whenever you hear a loud noise coming from any device in your home, whether it’s a gurgle, bang, or high-pitched whistle, it can become alarming. This is especially the case for the boiler. Most of the time, these sounds will indicate a problem with the air in the boiler or something like a failing pump or low water pressure.

How to fix it

Start off by checking if all the connections and settings for your boiler are in place if you hear a high-pitched whistle or load vibrating sound. If the boiler problem persists, contact a professional for further assistance. 

You can bleed your radiators for other sounds and see if the sound disappears. However, remember that small sounds like knocking through the pipes while the boiler works are normal.

Not heating up

The whole point of a boiler is that it is supposed to provide your property with heating and hot water. Therefore, if it isn’t doing its job and nothing is heating up, you will want it sorted out as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you may encounter this boiler problem, and sometimes you might need a whole new part to fix it.

How to fix it

Many issues could be preventing your boiler from heating up. The best thing to do first is to check that the pressure and thermostat are in working order. If they are both okay, you should call a professional for extra assistance.

Pressure is low

Pressure is a big factor in a healthy and working boiler. You should regularly check your boiler’s pressure gauge every few months to see if it is up to scratch and to avoid any frustrating future boiler problems. If the reading is ever lower than one, your boiler may have an issue.

How to fix it

You should immediately check your boiler system and pipes for any leaks. If you find a leak, unless you are trained, don’t try and fix it yourself and rather call a professional. If there are no leaks, you can try to add pressure to the boiler system by reading the manufacturer’s manual. If the pressure reading doesn’t go up, then call a professional.

The pilot light is out

If you don’t know much about boilers, you may be unaware of what the pilot light is. It is basically the small gas burner that is always lit up on your boiler. However, if it has gone out, it isn’t always too much to worry about, and it can be easily fixable.

How to fix it

Before you try to fix the pilot light, check that the gas supply in your house is working. If it isn’t, then it isn’t a boiler problem itself, and you’ll need to contact someone for help. If other gas appliances are still working, then have a look at your boiler’s manufacturer manual and see if they have any instructions on reigniting the pilot light. If the issue continues, you may have to install a new boiler completely.

Cold radiators

If your radiators are cold to the touch or not reaching their full heating potential, it is easy to think they are the issue. However, it is probably a problem with the air in your boiler. 

How to fix it

By bleeding your radiators, you can help improve the air in your heating system and boiler. However, if this doesn’t help, you will need to call a professional who will flush the whole system.

Leaking boiler/pipes

Leaks aren’t only a nuisance because they can cause water damage to your property, but they can also mean there is an issue with your boiler. The reason for it can vary, but most of the time, it is due to corrosion or a broken pipe or valve.

How to fix it

When there is a leak, you should never try and fix it yourself, as you may be injured. Instead, call a professional right away for repairs

Plumber Fixing Boiler

Acting like a kettle

This one may sound weird, but if you have this boiler fault, you’ll know what we mean. Basically, your boiler will sound like a boiling kettle, with that gurgling noise and high-pitched whistle. There may also be a limescale build-up, which can cause issues with the water flow. You will most likely experience kettling boilers when you live in an area with hard water.

How to fix it

There isn’t anything you can do yourself with an issue like this. You will need a professional to come and flush your boiler system.

Not working with the thermostat

A working boiler should communicate efficiently with your thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature throughout your home. So, if you are adjusting the thermostat and it isn’t changing the warmth, you could have a problem.

How to fix it

Before doing anything to your boiler, make sure you check your thermostat isn’t the problem. You may need to adjust the settings or replace the whole thing. If it seems to work okay, call a professional for assistance.

Switches off constantly

When you turn your boiler on, and it frequently turns itself back off each time, it can become incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, various issues could be causing this problem, such as lack of water flow and low water pressure.

How to fix it

See if there are any issues with the pressure or thermostat, and use the solutions we have already mentioned above. If nothing works and the boiler continues to switch off, you will need to call a professional or potentially replace your boiler.

Condensing boiler

A condensing boiler is when your pipes carry acidic water to another drain. If the weather is cold, these pipes can freeze and cause unnecessary noises. You will typically see a warning on your boiler appear telling you that you have a condensing boiler as well.

How to fix it

If you want to try and fix this issue yourself, you can most likely find a tutorial for fixing condensate pipes online. However, you can call a professional who can come and help without any hassle.