There comes a time in any property owner’s life when they will have to have a new boiler fitted. But how long does it take to fit a new boiler? Well, this depends on the type of boiler fitting you require. You may need to upgrade your current boiler to a newer model, replace a faulty or old boiler completely, or have your boiler moved to another location within your home. 

These processes take different lengths of time, which several other factors can also influence. Boiler replacements are usually the quicker processes because there is already pipework and gas lines in place to fit a new boiler into. A like-for-like replacement will take around 4 – 6 hours.

The average time it takes to fit a boiler

Typically, fitting a replacement boiler with a similar model only takes a few hours, including all the quality and operational checks. However, if you are planning on moving your boiler somewhere else in your home, this process can take between two and four days. This is because boiler relocation will require additional pipework installation, therefore extending fitment time. Before making the decision to move your boiler, consider the extra time it takes. 

Replacing a boiler with a slightly newer model in the original location takes the quickest amount of time, only requiring a few hours for the job to be complete. The quickest fitment is boiler replacement, where you swap your current model with something similar, also known as a like-for-like replacement.


What factors affect how long it takes to fit a boiler?

When you’re having a new boiler fitted or moving it to another spot in your home, several factors will influence the time it takes for the fitment to be finished. The type of boiler plays a big role in the overall fitment time. The heating system in a home is also massively influential, with some homes having more complex systems than others.  

The type of boiler

If you have an older model of boiler that needs replacing with a newer model, the entire replacement process will likely take longer than a like-for-like fitting. Older boilers typically have more components than new boiler models, requiring more time to remove. They will also have different fittings and require new parts to plumb into the current pipework in the house. 

How complex the heating system is 

Some pipework and heating systems are more complex than others. Generally, the more complex your heating system is, the longer it will take to dismantle and rebuild. Older boilers and heating systems are usually more intricate than newer models. New boilers are more focused on efficiency and energy savings so they will use as few components as possible. 

Any additional work required

If you are planning on relocating your boiler or changing any of the pipework involved in the initial installation, the process of fitting a new boiler or reinstalling the existing one will take longer. In older homes, it is also likely that contractors will need to upgrade the gas supply or adjust the current extractor and flue systems. Additional work also depends on the readiness of the installation site. 

For new builds, there may be other factors to work around, like additional workers on the side and plumbing completeness. If a boiler needs to be installed somewhere where the initial construction has not yet been completed, it is likely to take longer. 

How long does it take to install a new combi boiler?

If you’re in a situation where you have to have a completely new combi-boiler installed, you will likely have to allow 1-2 business days for the boiler to be installed. A new combi boiler will need to adjust fittings, especially if you are installing a combi boiler into a home where no current boiler exists. 

However, if you are installing an entirely new combi-boiler system, the total installation time will take a lot longer, as it will involve having to get into the flooring and walls of the home. A team of professionals will usually take between 1 and 2 weeks to complete an entirely new system installation, given the amount of work required for such projects. 

How long does it take to upgrade a boiler?

However, if you are upgrading your boiler from a slightly older model to one of the new ones, it can take longer, depending on the number of new parts required to complete the installation. Professional plumbers and heating experts usually advise that a boiler upgrade can take between 2 and 3 days.

How long does it take to relocate your boiler?

Boiler relocation will take a lot longer than a standard replacement. When you move your boiler, new pipework is required in the new location, and the old pipework also has to be professionally and safely dealt with to avoid it becoming a hazard in the home. For this reason, fitting a relocated boiler can take anywhere between 1 – 2 days given the fact that minor construction work may need to take place and new water and gas pipes installed.


How long does it take to change boiler fuel types?

Boilers typically run on either oil, gas, or electricity. Modern homes usually run off electricity only, given that this is a much safer energy source than some of the older gas systems around today. If you are undergoing renovation or want to change the type of fuel your boiler runs off, you should be aware that it’s a process that takes a couple of days. Different fuels require different pipework, therefore, more changes will be required than simply replacing the boiler unit.


How long can you expect a boiler fitting to take? 

A straight boiler swap usually takes a few hours and can be completed in the morning or afternoon. However, not all jobs are that simple. Some jobs that require a bit of extra work will take a day or two longer. For brand new boiler and heating systems like new combi boiler installations, homeowners can expect the process to take up to two weeks.