Unfortunately, boilers don’t last forever and replacing yours may be the last thing you want to do. There comes a time when new boiler installation is essential for saving you money in the long term and also necessary to keep you and your household safe from more severe boiler problems. If you think you need to install a new boiler, any of these signs will confirm you need to. 

It Takes A While for Your Radiator to Heat Up

When you switch your central heating on, your radiators should take no more than half an hour to warm fully. However, if your boiler is faulty, you may notice that it takes a little longer than usual. This may be a sign that your boiler requires replacement. 

A delay in the heating coming on may be a result of a pipe blockage which a standard boiler service can usually fix. However, if the problem persists, it’s a sign that your boiler is no longer able to reach its maximum temperature promptly, which often happens as your boiler gets older. If you’re experiencing your radiators taking a while to heat up, you may need to consider a new boiler installation. 

The Boiler Starts Making Strange Noises

Every boiler should make a standard low-humming noise when it is active. This is usually relatively noninvasive and should not bother you when your boiler is turned on. However, if you start noticing other noises like banging or clanging, it’s a sign that your boiler needs to be looked at by a professional. 

Mechanical faults in the boiler can cause these strange noises and need to be attended to as soon as possible. However, they’re often also a sign that your boiler needs to be completely replaced. A gas-safe engineer will be able to fix anything minorly wrong with the boiler system or provide recommendations for installing a new boiler. 

Your Suspect A Carbon Monoxide Leak

There are several signs that your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide, all of which need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Carbon monoxide poisoning is incredibly harmful to human health and can be fatal if ignored for too long. 

You may notice a yellow flame from the boiler’s heating system as opposed to a blue flame. This may mean the boiler is leaking monoxide. It’s also worth having your boiler looked at if you experience any symptoms of monoxide poisoning, which include frequent or persistent headaches, nausea and unusual fatigue. You will need to have a professional install a new boiler if your boiler does have a monoxide leak. 

Your Boiler Breaks Down Often

You might find you’re calling your boiler service engineers more often than you used to, which takes time out of your day and costs you money every time. Boiler breakdowns do become more frequent as the system gets older. 

New boiler installation is recommended if this is the case. Installing a new boiler may seem expensive to begin with, but you will ultimately save money as you will no longer need to have any boiler breakdowns repaired. New boilers can also save you money on heating because they are generally more energy efficient.


Heating Bills Are Higher Than Usual

Noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills? This may be because your boiler is not working as well as it could be. Over time, boilers become less able to perform as well as they used to. They eventually become overworked and therefore require more energy to perform their basic functions. 

A gas-safe engineer will be able to service a boiler with minor issues, and this will fix the issue for a short period. However, if you start noticing consistently higher energy and heating bills, it’s a sign your boiler needs to be replaced entirely. New boiler models have been engineered to be more energy efficient, so you will save money on bills and servicing, making new boiler installation a worthwhile long-term investment. You’ll also prevent more serious issues from occurring as a result of old age. 

Parts Being Discontinued

If you’ve kept up with a solid boiler maintenance plan, older boilers can last between 10 and 15 years. If you have an old boiler model that’s lasted this long but recently requires more attention, it may be worthwhile getting an entirely new system. As boiler models change, so do the parts that come with them. 

An engineer may not be able to get a hold of the parts needed to repair your boiler properly due to these parts being discontinued. If you can’t get your boiler repaired for this reason, it’s probably time to install a new boiler. 

You Start To Notice Odd Smells

A fully functioning boiler should never give off any smells whatsoever. Strange smells are usually a sign of quite a serious fault in the system. For example, strange odd smells are often caused by a monoxide leak. This is not necessarily the gas itself, as monoxide is odourless, it can be harmful either way. 

Odd smells can include those that smell like rotten eggs or sulphur and need to be addressed soon. When it comes to problems like gas leaks, it’s essential to have a new boiler installed. It may be costly at first, but it will ensure your household is safe. 

The Boiler Turns Itself Off

Boilers will sometimes shut themselves off when they require repair or if they’re worn out. If it frequently shuts itself off, it could also be an indicator that the pressure is too low or that the thermostat pump is no longer working. 

Low pressure can be fixed simply by having the boiler serviced by a gas-safe engineer. However, if the problem persists, a professional may recommend installing a new boiler.


Should You Install A New Boiler?

If you think you require a new boiler installation, SD Plumbing and Heating can provide recommendations for the type of boiler you need and install it for you. Our boiler installation services are provided by qualified gas-safe professionals who will ensure your new boiler operates optimally and safely. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about your boiler, servicing, or product recommendation.