How Long Does A Boiler Service Take? A Plumber's Guide

In simple terms, a boiler service is like a full-body check-up on your appliance by a certified professional. The process typically takes 60 to 90 minutes, but the duration depends on the type of boiler and its overall health. 

The service involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of vital components, running safety tests, and operational checks to improve your system’s performance life. A well-serviced boiler enables you to stay warm and cosy throughout the harsh months and ensures that you stay compliant with the law and your boiler warranty terms.

How long does an oil boiler service take?

Typically, an entire oil boiler service should take approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Nevertheless, the precise timeframe depends on the state of the boiler and the maintenance tasks to be done.

During a service, a boiler engineer or technician thoroughly examines all the boiler’s essential parts and cleans them as necessary. This comprises the burner, boiler servicing, heat exchanger, and all filters. The professional will also be on the lookout for any leaks. They should also verify that the boiler’s settings are all accurate to ensure no damage to the smoke or above and check all safety devices are in good condition. 

However, if there are any other repairs required or the technician identifies further intricate problems, the time taken can exceed the standard duration. Considering the above, the purpose of proper servicing of an oil boiler is not only to ensure its efficient performance but also to extend its lifespan and ensure it runs safely every year.

How long does a combi boiler service take?

A combi boiler service can last just about an hour. This once-per-year check should be performed by a skilled technician who needs to check several things and conduct some maintenance procedures to make sure the boiler functions effectively and safely. 

The technician must visually inspect the unit for any signs of wear and tear or damage and test your boiler’s controls and safety devices. Additionally, they need to clean up important components, including the heat exchanger and the burner. Finally, the technician also needs to analyse the flue gas to ensure the combi boiler is combusting your fuel correctly, which reduces the risk of carbon monoxide. 

Suppose the boiler is in good condition and no additional repairs are required. In that case, the service should remain close to the hour mark, making it a relatively quick and essential procedure to maintain the health and efficiency of your heating system.

Boiler service

What happens during a boiler service?

In a boiler service, a trained technician performs multiple checks and maintenance tasks to make sure that your heating system runs efficiently, safely, and can be trusted. Most of the time, a boiler service can include the following:

Visual inspection

Check for leaks, corrosion, the general condition of the boiler, and its location, which must comply with the safety standards.

Operational checks

Tests to see if the boiler starts and operates well if the flame is clear and steady, and to ensure the burner is working right.

Internal inspection

Components such as the heat exchanger, burner, and main injector are examined and cleaned if necessary. 

Flue and emissions test

Measuring its emissions to see if it’s releasing gases away safely.

Safety devices check

Devices like valves, thermostats, and other safety features must work accurately in case of a fault.

Control settings review

The engineer will help optimise your system, ensuring the boiler uses energy efficiently and provides the temperature and comfort you prefer with the minimum energy use possible.

Advice and report

Once all these tests and measures are done, the technician writes a report on what everything looks like and if there are any repairs or renewing needed. With everything properly checked and optimal through service, you shouldn’t have a lot to worry about.

Advice and report

Why is boiler servicing important?

Regular boiler servicing is essential for several compelling reasons, primarily focusing on safety, efficiency, and cost savings:


The most important reason to service your boiler is the safety factor. Boilers generate heat by burning fuel; when not properly released or the boiler malfunctions, these chemical reactions can release gases such as carbon monoxide. Servicing also entails checking for leaks or blockages in the flue or ventilator, ensuring that these poisonous pipes safely invigorate outdoors. Ultimately, it entails examining the boiler’s safety appliances, which regulate pressure to prevent high heat and fire.

Efficiency and performance

Boilers collect dirt and soot over time, or parts may wear, reducing the effectiveness of the system. Since a well-serviced boiler uses less fuel to produce heat than a poorly serviced one, it saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint. While in a service, technicians clean and adjust a boiler to enhance its performance; it also ensures optimum operation as the boiler will work best for its entire cycle.

Preventing breakdowns

Servicing your systems on a regular basis will help detect problems long before they become major concerns. A tiny leak or an imminent parts failure can be detected and corrected during a routine service instead of resulting in major, costly repairs shortly down the line. This will considerably lessen the risk of an unexpected system breakdown, which is the last thing you need when your overnight temperatures plummet.

Compliance with warranty requirements

Depending on your boiler, the warranty agreement may necessitate that you service it every year. An annual service check might reveal a variety of things that need to be repaired, which can prove costly. If the boiler is not serviced regularly according to warranty conditions, it may be impossible for the manufacturer to repair or replace it. 


Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your boiler. If all of its components are adequately maintained, the equipment will have a longer useful life. Everything wears away after repeated usage, including all of the moving parts. As stated above, boilers with warranties that have not been kept up with regular maintenance checks void the warranty. In these instances, your old boiler will require replacing. 

Why is boiler servicing important?

How often should you get a boiler service?

It is advisable to have your boiler serviced every year to maintain its peak efficiency and safety. This annual check fits the guidance of most manufacturers and heating experts, keeping your boiler’s performance at the highest level and its lifespan as well. 

Annual servicing becomes essential for early detection of wear and tear, preventing minor damage from becoming expensive repairs. It also prevents potential carbon monoxide poisoning, which is more and more likely with a poorly maintained heater. 

This is especially important for older boilers – the older the system, the more frequent checks you need to conduct. These boilers are also at a higher risk of breaking down or losing efficiency, so regular servicing serves as an efficient risk-control measure. 

Do gas engineers need to be qualified to service a boiler?

Yes, to legally and safely service a boiler, gas engineers need to be qualified. In several countries and the UK, gas engineers are only permitted to work on gas appliances if they are Gas Safe Register registered. This registration ensures that they have the ability and understanding safely to install, manage and fix gas boilers and additional appliances. 

The Gas Safe Register is responsible for regular evaluations and for funding and teaching, which means that operatives are kept up-to-date with the newest standards and technologies. It is essential to use a professional who has been Gas Safe registered for a boiler service as they will guarantee that the service is safe and good. 

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